Bangalore Traffic Dairies #1

So CIG (this blog’s protagonist) got a new job in Bangalore. A city that is known for its gardens, people, traffic, mile long traffic jams, stubborn auto-wallahs, the mysterious BMTC (city bus), one-ways etc.

CIG’s new office was just a bus ride away and the nearest bus stop was a mile from his place. His morning routine before work was leaving the house an hour before work even though the bus only took 15 minutes to reach the destination. There were two reasons for leaving home so early:

Since he walked for a while, sometimes CIG had to wait for a while before crossing the roads. You see Bangalore roads are always full of vehicles no matter what time it is and most Indian drivers prefer speeding up when they see a human trying to cross the road. Indian drivers like to apply math everywhere; especially the roads. The second reason was CIG preferred to travel in a bus that wasn’t packed with sweaty men who had their hands in the air like they just didn’t care. And he could only find those buses before 08:30 in the morning.

So this one time cig (I got tired of using the shift key. Deal with it) got a bit late and reached his bus stop around 9 AM. It may not seem much, but a lot can change in Bangalore’s roads in 30 minutes. The bus that arrived had some skinny men hanging on the ledge with their hands in the air like they actually cared. Since he didn’t want to get late, cig put on both straps of his bag, caught hold of one empty spot on the thin iron pole and held on to the pole with one hand as the bus moved. The bus moved slowly at first and struggled to gain some speed as it was full of people who didn’t care about it.


Our protagonist, cig, had one hand clenching the pole, one foot on the ledge and a big laptop bag that had a big lunch, a water-bottle and some other electronic crap one needs to function in an office. After about a minute of living the dangerous life, cig felt like his laptop bag hit something. He turned around to see a woman on a two-wheeler looking at him in shock. Fortunately she was wearing a helmet, unfortunately cig’s bag hit her helmet.

To cig’s relief the minor road incident was not reported on any media besides some guy’s status update. That day the woman realized the importance of helmets while driving a two-wheeler and cig noted that all buses were packed with people at 9.


P.S- Feature image doesn’t belong to this blog. It was taken from Google.


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