Why BMTC Buses Are Perfect For Pole Dancing

If you have traveled in a BMTC bus in Bangalore, chances are you already understand why my logic is absolutely correct. But if you are one of the unfortunate ones who own a vehicle and prefer sitting down in a traffic jam, you probably don’t know why BMTC buses are perfect for aspiring pole dancers.

For those of you who don’t know what pole dancing is, here is a GIF for you.

Now since I live in India, a country that prefers porn over sex education, everything on this blog is going to be PG-13; Including this GIF about a pole dancer.




That’s not a real pole dancer by the way. He’s a just a hardworking homely man.

Now if you still don’t understand my logic behind crowded buses and pole dancing, here are some facts to enlighten you.

Almost every person in the bus carries some rupee bills. Most of them prefer having loose change of 10s or 20s in their font pockets. One man takes all your bills and is usually the one who moves the most in the bus.

There are  a number of poles in the bus. If you are lucky enough to get a pole all to yourself, just hold it with one hand and let the bus do all the magic.

Half of your audience will celebrate with their hands in the air. Though some of them will have sweaty happiness. Try to find poles away from them.

You don’t have to put any effort in it. This is probably the best thing for aspiring pole dancers. As most you don’t really know the moves, just hang on to a pole and wait for the bus to start moving.

You will not be alone learning new moves in the bus. If you are one of the shy pole dancers, then don’t worry. As the bus is full of poles, you will have several people joining you in the free involuntary lesson.

P.S.- The guy who gets the pole at the entrance will be getting a bigger audience. Only professionals are advised to take that pole.

If you are young and have a seat, it is advised you give your seat to an elder person and take up the pole for their entertainment.

Important Note- This blog does not promote pole dancing in the buses. It must happen naturally. If you try to dance voluntarily, you will be stared at. Someone may upload your video on Youtube. (Not good for aspiring pole dancers)

Warning- If at any point you miss your stop or you get in the mood and start taking your clothes off, you will be thrown out of the bus.



**Featured image and the GIF don’t belong to this blog.


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