Pros And Cons Of Sharing An Apartment With A Couple

If you happen to live in one of the big cities of India, you may have to share the apartment with other people. This sharing phenomenon is mostly seen in metros or other cities that are popular among students, freshers or entrepreneurs. Ironically students and freshers are not preferred by landlords.

Since these young students/freshers were obedient kids and listened to their parents’ golden rule of- First you study then do whatever the fudge you want,  they wait to get in a good college or land a decent job and then do something they had been hornily (I made that up) waiting for 10 years; Get in a relationship.

Now if you are a guy or a bunch or guys and happen to live in an apartment with a couple. Or one of your male roommates is in a seriously whipped relationship, here are some good and bad things you face everyday.


Since you are a guy and you share a bathroom with other single men, there is a 99% probability your washroom resembles an Indian public toilet. Now, the washroom shared by the couple or your friend and his girlfriend is going to look like something you see in interior designer magazines. So on a bad day when there is a mishap in your toilet or if one your roommates is a  giant stink factory, worry not- There is a clean toilet in your home.

Now since that business is taken care of (Yes! pun intended), let’s move to cons.


You cannot roam around in boxers/underwear  – If you are decent guy and you are not extremely confident about your (we Indians don’t talk about that) area, you will keep some parts in order by wearing shorts or uncomfortable jeans.

Mind your language – When there is a girl around, some guys like to avoid the Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi etc. cuss words. We are totally fine with English cuss words (they seem cool to Indians) but not Hindi dirty words.

You are shy and can’t leave your room – Of course you are shy guy who can’t even talk to women and your roommate gets his girlfriend over everyday. The worst comes when your roommate asks you to talk to her. (Fun tip- Think of her as your elder sister. Makes things a little easier.)

Some noises make you run out of your apartment and wish you were never born – I don’t even want to explain this one. Let’s just say it can happen anytime of the day.


You don’t know what a hickey is and worry about your roommate’s health for no apparent reason – It happens.

Endless fights – From dal makhni to your roommate hanging out with other women, these fights can be about anything.

You loose all dreams of going out with a woman – As you have seen every ugly aspect of a relationship, you learn to appreciate the single life and your collection of movies.

Finally, you are in constant fear of being thrown out of your apartment – As Indians only like married couples and the fact that middle aged uncles hate seeing young women with other men, unmarried couples aren’t really popular in our societies. No matter how many times you help your friend hide his one true temporary love, he will always do something romantic or stupid that will get everyone thrown out of every society in the city.


Important note – This post does not intend to offend any couple. If you are mature and know how to keep it down, then you don’t have to worry about alienating other people in your apartment.





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