Just Imagine: If Celebrities Ran For Presidential Elections

One of the most popular presidential elections ended with Donald Trump becoming the 45th President or as Indian parents like to call it class mein first aana. We learned two important lessons from the 2016 elections.

  1. Anyone can become the president; provided they are rich and famous.
  2. Americans will prefer anyone who is popular and trending on the internet over a woman.

Besides Donald Trump, several celebrities have shown interest in running for the presidential elections. Celebrities like Dan Bilzerian (the guy who popularized censorship on Instagram) and Kanye West (the guy who become famous by mixing a Daft Punk song with his signature orgasm sound), are some of the popular celebrities who are interested in living in the White House.

I personally feel the only celebrity who should run for the next elections and win, is this guy

The Rock in SNL as Rock Obama

Just imagine if Dwayne Johnson became the POTUS. All meetings with other world leaders will end in everyone agreeing with the president, he’ll encourage the youth to lead a healthy and ripped life, it will be mandatory for the White House staff to dance to Taylor Swift songs and USA’s policy on war will be a wrestling match between POTUS and the leader of the other country.

But let us assume in the coming years he and Donald Trump are joined by a couple of celebrities who wish to lead one of the most powerful and gorilla obsessed nations in the world. Who will these celebrities be? What will be their catchphrase? Is Harambe still alive and living in a secret CIA facility?

Let’s try to answer the first two questions –

Here are some celebrities who might run for the elections in the coming years –

Kanye West vs Charlie Sheen –


In this imaginary scenario, if anyone of these fine well-spoken gentlemen win, the First lady will either be Kim K (The first human champagne glass holder) or two women (a porn-star and a Playboy model).

Kanye West is going to interrupt everyone in a presidential debate with his theory on why Beyonce should win.

Whatever may happen in the future, it does seem Charlie Sheen will be ‘Winning’.


50 Cent vs Snoop Dogg –

Or Snoop Lion or Snoop Turtle or whatever animal name he chooses for his candidacy.

1e111w   1e116f





In either case, the presidential debates will be the most unusual debates in American history as they will be settled with Rap Battles.


Mark Zuckerberg vs John Cena

On one side, you’ll have one of the most influential men on Earth; The man who made people relate their self-esteem with likes and shares, is rarely a trending topic on Facebook and made things extremely easy for stalkers. Competing against John Cena. The real life battle between the nerd and the jock.

Here’s what they’ll say –


For the sake of USA’s future, let’s hope you get this joke –




Bruce Jenner vs Caitlyn Jenner –


Ok……. What?

Mike Tyson vs Magnitude from Community –

The man who should never whisper in your ears and the imaginary character from the sitcom ‘Community’ will have one of the most confusing presidential debates ever.



Even though there several celebrities and billionaires who would actually end up becoming the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, I can’t name all of them since I don’t really follow the gossip magazines.

But it would be fun to see a rapper, wrestler, boxer or an imaginary character become the next POTUS.

P.S. – Imagine if one of these two got elected, the inaugural speech will be a dance –



Follow my blog for more of these silly posts. I promise I’ll start writing serious stuff too, if you are into that. If you want me to write more posts like these, just leave your suggestions in the comments section.


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