Bangalore Buses Are Perfect For Aspiring Male Models

If you are one of the five people who follow my posts on Facebook, you may know about my non-famous Bangalore Traffic Diaries. The online diary actually started when my bag accidentally hit a woman on a stationary scooter while I was in a moving bus. Since I don’t usually post stuff like my reviews of movies or matches (because I haven’t really played any cricket or acted in a film like most people on Facebook), I decided to write about my experiences in Bangalore buses. Even though my commute is just four kilometers everyday, so much happens in Bangalore, I always have something to write about.

So, without wasting any more words and time (I am so tired right now, I am only using one hand to type. The other one is supporting my face), let me tell something about our very own BMTC buses that no one in the government has ever thought of. Or have they?

If you travel in city buses everyday, like me, and you always get a crowded bus, like me, despite trying out different time slots, (wow! so many commas, right?), you probably know there are several poses you have to do in a moving bus.

And these poses are perfect for aspiring male models. Now I am only talking about male models because I believe aspiring female models should avoid crowded buses. Indian men have this habit of getting surprised when they come across a beautiful woman. They tend to show their surprise by constantly staring at them.

Without wasting any more words (we have already used 265 words), let us dive into this wild idea of why aspiring models should ride in the BMTC to learn the basic poses.

*Disclaimer – Since this blog is mostly read by women (I have no freaking idea how that happened), I have carefully picked images that would be appreciated by my readers.

Here are some poses that men get to try everyday in crowded Bangalore buses:


When you finally find the rails above you and need both hands to support yourself. The easiest pose and the most common one in real buses.



When the only pole near you, is behind you. 



When the bus suddenly takes a sharp turn



You wore a nice perfume that day



When the overhead rails are too crowded with strange hands. Or you are just short and can’t reach them



Guys are actually worried about their wallets sometimes. 



Sometimes, your crotch is next to some stranger’s ear.



When the bus driver suddenly applies the brakes but you hold on to the rails with all your life. 



Have you ever carried a really heavy bag in a bus?



Or met a tall dude inside a BMTC?



And finally, ever seen those guys hanging on the ledge or sticking their ass out of the windows?



Well, have you?






By now, you are probably convinced that our rugged buses are perfect for aspiring models since they can easily practice their future poses in them.

But, imagine if our government had a better plan for our public transport or Indians had a better understanding of sex-ed.

P.S.- None of the images belong to me. I don’t look like any of them. These guys probably wear moulds in the shape of muscles all the time to look like that.


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