We all face hundred different problems, deal with all kinds of idiots and endure so much crap every single day. The best way to go through all that and stay sane is to treat life like a sitcom and have a joke ready for every situation you are in. This blog does something like that, with certain instances of my life and this crazy world I live in. If I am able to manage my time between my job and this page properly, I might be able to give you a reason to smile, every single day.

Let’s hope that one day this blog will have humorous posts, stories to help you pass your time.

When you don’t find a particular post funny or feel that I crossed some kind of sensitive line, kindly close the window.

If you get this urge to copy anything from the blog and pasting it on your website/blog/page, kindly give backlinks and credits to this blog. Follow the rules people.

About me-

I am a confused guy whose mind is full of ideas. Chances are you’ll figure me out even before I do.